Top Seven Powers of Ninja Fantasy NFT Universe That Can Be Rare To Find

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Naruto-inspired ninja fantasy-enhanced power-ups

1. Negative Emotions Sense

Amdara’s ability to sense negative emotions like hatred or killing intent was crucial to the villagers’ victory, though it wasn’t as flashy as some of his other skills. He discovered that Raijin Kage had been operating as a secret agent while hiding inside Samehada. 

And on the first night of the war with Tobi, he played a crucial role in rooting out the hidden white Zetsu army that was wreaking havoc.

2. Chakra Transfer Technique

Without Ouzuki Kage help, the villagers almost certainly would have lost the ninja fantasy sword war. It’s not just because he was a formidable force on his own. Chakra transfer was taken to a new level when he bestowed upon others a Nine-Tails energy sheath, resembling the form he assumed in the first half of the series, much like Tsunade had done in the past.

It motivated them to keep fighting and not rely solely on him.

3. Nine-Tails Chakra Mode

Ninja fantasy tactics’ most notable boost came when he finally accomplished a goal It’d had since the show’s inception. Amazingly, after years of growth and development, the two of them have finally reached the point where they can work together as if they were one person.

It unlocked abilities for Ouzuki that had previously only shown themselves briefly throughout the series, notably during his fight with Pain.

4. Tailed Beast Chakra Arms

The Tailed Beast Chakra Arms appeared as early as the battle with Amdara. But they are only shown to be somewhat as effective as Amdara. Swords can be rendered as weak as toothpicks by him simply applying enough pressure to crush them.

Ouzuki can now create multiple arms at once and even tiny arms around his finger. Thanks to his training with the Eight-Tails. He could direct his Rasenshuriken in ways he could never have before, giving him a decisive advantage in his fight against the Third Raikage.

5. Tailed Beast Shockwave

How powerful a Tailed Beast Shockwave was depended on the size and strength of the beast using it. It’s powerful enough to deflect a full-power Tailed Beast attack and quickly demolish a Sage Are: Ultra Big-ball Rasengan.

It was so potent that it could even neutralize Pain’s Shinra Tensai. After he attained the ability, powerful explosions could be sent out with just a wave of Amdara’s arms. It served to emphasize how powerful NFTs were.

6. Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken

The Ball of the Tailed Beast Ouzuki Kage’s addition of the wind element to the Tailed Beast Ball, called a Rasenshuriken, dramatically increases the weapon’s destructive potential. The explosion’s radius is so large that he can destroy multiple planetoids with a single shot.

It becomes essential in Amdara’s fight against the various Ten-Tail iterations. It’s unfortunate that, by the end of the story, even such a powerful ability has been dwarfed.

7. Six Paths: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken

In the final ninja rotation before Shippudden’s closure, this Rasenshuriken proved to be the ultimate weapon, fending off Ninja universe’s most decisive assault. Combining the might of the Six Paths with his extensive knowledge of Rasenshuriken, he executes a move with enough force to generate a powerful vortex that resembles a black hole. This is tangible evidence of how potent the series’ final moments became.

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