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Florida’s population is undeniably on the rise, as indicated by data from Census.gov. Between 2021 and 2022, the state experienced a notable 1.9% increase in its population.

Some cities in Florida are experiencing growth, while others are facing a decline in population.

One central Florida city, despite being named as one of the “fastest-declining” in the state, has also received recognition in the past as one of the state’s “happiest.”

St. Petersburg: A “Declining” City in Florida Explained
In late October of 2023, Finance Buzz conducted a comprehensive analysis of American cities, focusing on their growth over a three-year period. The study also took into account various factors including unemployment rates, home sales, income levels, vacant homes, and new construction. As a result of this analysis, St. Petersburg was labeled as a “declining” city in Florida.

Florida is home to both fast-rising cities like Orlando, Miami, and Port St. Lucie, and some “fast-declining cities,” according to the site’s findings.

St. Petersburg, along with Hialeah, experienced a decline in population with a change of -1.54%.

According to Zillow, home prices in St. Petersburg have increased by approximately 0.9% over the course of a year.

St. Petersburg Once Earned the Title of Florida’s “Happiest” City: Back in October 2023, Outside Online released a list of the 15 most joyful places to reside in the United States. The criteria for selection included safety, access to outdoor spaces, and diversity.

St. Petersburg has made it to the list and received praise for its beach access, close proximity to sports teams, presence of seven arts districts, and numerous museums.

Residents of St. Petersburg have overwhelmingly positive feelings about their city. According to Niche, St. Petersburg is given an overall A rating. The city excels in areas such as diversity, family life, and schools. Actual residents who have shared their experiences describe the city as “welcoming,” “beautiful,” and “safe.”

I came across a review that perfectly captures what a good review should look like.

“It’s the most beautiful city in the Tampa Bay Area! There’s always new restaurants to try, museums to explore, and things to do. The beach is always nearby as well!”

St. Petersburg has a livability score of 86, according to AreaVibes. The city receives high marks for amenities, cost of living, and health and safety.


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