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The ongoing divorce between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is getting more intense by the day. Recently, it came to light that on the night of Heard’s 30th birthday party in April 2016, she punched Depp. This incident occurred on the same night when Depp discovered that he had lost almost $1 billion and someone had defecated in his bed. It’s a stark reminder that celebrities are not like ordinary people. Let’s not forget that Depp has filed lawsuits against his former business managers, The Management Group (TMG), for mishandling his finances. On that fateful night, Depp had a meeting regarding his former managers and learned that he had lost an astonishing $750 million. Depp testified in court that his manager had stolen his money. Furthermore, Depp also claimed that Heard played a “prank” on him by defecating in their bed.

Johnny Depp lost a significant amount of money from his earnings on “Pirates of the Caribbean” 2 and 3, which amounted to $650 million. Additionally, he lost an extra $100 million due to allegations that his business managers failed to pay his IRS taxes for 17 years. During the court proceedings, Depp openly admitted to having consumed marijuana, which is legal in California, before attending Amber Heard’s birthday celebration at their penthouse in Los Angeles. Depp stated that marijuana has a calming effect on him. His attorney emphasized that a nurse present at the party described Depp as “coherent, sociable, and affectionate.” In contrast, the same nurse characterized Heard as “irritable” and “angry” towards Depp because he arrived late to her party.

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During the court proceedings, Depp was requested to provide further details about a haymaker. In response, he described it as a punch characterized by wild and swinging motions, similar to a roundhouse punch. Depp went on to testify that Heard was upset because he chose to read in bed instead of attending a party with her and her friends, despite him being 53 years old at the time. It was after discovering feces in his bed, which Heard claims was intended as a prank, that Depp made the decision to pursue a divorce.

Johnny Depp is currently involved in a $50 million defamation case against Heard in the United States. He has also taken legal action against “The Sun” newspaper for labeling him as a “wife-beater,” a charge that he vehemently denies. Additionally, Depp has gained attention for his reported monthly expenditure of $30,000 on wine.

Heard has been accused of throwing a vodka bottle at Depp, allegedly resulting in the tip of one of his fingers being cut off. While she denies this accusation, those close to her describe her as unpredictable and troubled.

This case is still ongoing as both parties continue to make increasingly absurd accusations against each other.


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