Anticipated flooding to disrupt traffic in busy Newark streets due to heavy rain

A massive winter storm is heading towards New Jersey, putting the state under a flood watch.

New Jersey may receive a rainfall ranging from 2 to 4 inches.

Newark Public Safety Director Fritz G. Fragé is urging drivers to steer clear of streets that are prone to flooding. Additionally, residents are being advised by Newark Public Safety to secure outdoor furniture, awnings, refuse, and building materials, as winds could potentially reach speeds of up to 32 mph.

The rain is forecasted to start after 1 p.m. Individuals driving through the city should steer clear of the following areas as they may experience flooding:

    • Clay Street and McCarter Highway
    • South Street and Van Buren Street
    • Jefferson and Chestnut Streets
    • State Street near Broad Street
    • Jabez and Backus Streets
    • 357 Wilson Avenue
    • Manufacturers Place and Hyatt Street
    • Magazine Street and Avenue L
    • Magazine Street and Amsterdam Street
    • Raymond Boulevard and Blanchard Steert
    • Avenue L and Wilson Avenue
    • Wilson Avenue and Avenue K
    • Mary Street and Avene L
    • Ferry and Foundry Streets
    • Hyatt Avenue and Wilson Avenue
    • South Street and Adams Street
    • South Steet and Palaski Street
    • South Street and Pacific Street
    • South Street and Dawson Street
    • Pacific Street and Calumet Street
    • Pulaski Street and Clifford Street
    • Jefferson Street and Clifford Sreet
    • Van Buren Street and Clifford Street
    • Foundry Street and Roanoke Avenue
    • Foundry Street and Avenue P
    • Norfolk Street
    • Orange Street
    • Nesbitt Street
    • McClellan Street and Runiak Avenue
    • McClellan Street and Frelinghuysen Avenue
    • Frelinghuysen Avenue and Peddie Street
    • Frelinghuysen Avenue  and Noble Street
    • Noble Street and Meeker Avenue
    • Elizabeth Avenue and Mekker Avenue
    • Martin Luther King Blvd. and State Street
    • Martin Luther King Blvd. and Orange Street
    • Frelinghuysen Avenue and Route 22 underpass

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