Biden’s lackluster performance in Georgia has left everyday voters dismayed

In 2016, Georgia awarded its presidential electoral votes to Donald Trump, but in 2020, Joe Biden emerged victorious over Trump. In addition, two Republican-held U.S. Senate seats were won by Democrats during this time. However, despite these Democratic victories, Brian Kemp, a Republican, defeated Stacey Abrams, a Democrat, twice in the gubernatorial race.

The Georgia legislature passed a broad overhaul of state election procedures, which led to a highly unstable situation. President Biden referred to it as “Jim Crow 2.0” due to its implications on voter suppression. As a result, Major League Baseball (MLB) made a bold move by relocating the All-Star Game from the state.

As a swing state, Georgia played host to a historic event on Thursday – the first presidential debate on national television between an incumbent president and a former president in modern history. This crucial battleground state, like Pennsylvania, holds immense importance in the upcoming election.

As we head into tonight’s debate, a recent poll conducted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution-University of Georgia indicates that Trump is leading over Biden among likely Georgia voters. The poll reveals that Trump has the support of 43% of voters, while Biden trails with 38%. It’s worth noting that 9% of the participants stated they would vote for independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is yet to qualify for the Georgia ballot, but experts predict he will.

According to Jeff Brauer, a political science professor at Keystone College, debates are often given too much importance. He believes that most people who pay attention to debates have already made up their minds and are simply supporting their preferred candidate.

According to a statement, the ongoing debate is unique because it is happening earlier than usual and involves incumbents, which is unprecedented in modern times.

According to Brauer, Biden had a lot on the line during the night as he aimed to win back the coalition that helped elect him in 2020, which has been slowly eroding. On the other hand, Trump’s supporters have been sticking with him through thick and thin, including felony convictions, regardless of his words or actions. “Whereas Trump’s supporters seem to be with him, even through felony convictions, no matter what he says or how he acts,” Brauer noted.

On Thursday night, the focus was on which candidate could broaden their coalition and appeal to voters beyond their base. The key challenge was winning over the “double haters,” voters who have supported both candidates in previous elections but have been disappointed with them for varying reasons. Ultimately, the candidates’ performances would determine who could win these crucial swing voters.

Meet Leland Sproul, a suburban Atlanta resident and customer-training manager for a Fortune 500 company, who embodies the frustration of many voters. He cast his vote for Trump in 2016 and then for Biden in 2020, only to be disappointed by both candidates. So much so that he chose not to vote for any of the US Senate candidates, regardless of their party affiliation. Leland’s story is a reminder of the growing number of voters who feel disillusioned by the political system and the lack of representation they feel from their elected officials.

Despite his reservations, he ultimately cast his vote for Kemp.

Sproul initially had no intention of watching the debate, given the frustration he has experienced with both parties. However, at the last minute, he decided to “torture” himself and tune in.

Joe Cobb, a training manager for a Fortune 500 company hailing from Athens, expressed his disappointment with Donald Trump. He admitted to voting for Trump in the first election with enthusiasm, however in the second election, he felt a sense of shame.

During the debate, the commentator had low expectations for Trump, but surprisingly, it was Biden’s performance that disappointed him. As he listened to Biden speak, he realized that it was the former Vice President who was struggling to connect with the audience.

During the debate, Cobb was taken aback when Biden initiated the discussion on Afghanistan. He also expressed surprise at Trump’s behavior, except for a few instances. Moreover, Cobb appreciated Trump’s sly comment on Biden’s inarticulateness, stating that he couldn’t comprehend what Biden was saying.

In a post-debate analysis, Cobb delivered his verdict on Biden’s performance by saying he is a good person but failed to impress him during the debate. Cobb made his position clear by stating that he cannot vote for Biden after what he saw. “After this debate, I cannot vote for him,” Cobb declared straightforwardly.

Cobb revealed that Trump’s choice for vice president will have a significant impact on his decision to vote or abstain from the upcoming election.

According to Jim Southard, a businessperson from suburban Atlanta who voted for Trump in both elections and appreciated his policies, he entered this election cycle feeling dissatisfied with the options presented. Nevertheless, he maintains his conservative beliefs and feels self-assured in his capacity to secure his livelihood, no matter who is in power.

Biden’s incoherent rambles during the first few minutes of the debate left everyone stunned, including this individual, and the situation only worsened as the debate progressed.

During the debate, Southard had high expectations for Biden’s performance, hoping for a similar delivery to his State of the Union address. However, he was disappointed by what he saw. “He comes off very old and feeble,” Southard stated. Despite fair questioning during the debate, Southard found it difficult to watch Biden’s performance and believes that “Biden failed miserably.”

According to Southard, Trump must appeal to the center if he wants to succeed. Although he finds it hard to believe, Southard admits that he will be casting his vote for Trump. However, he expresses disappointment with the current state of American politics, stating that if these are the best leaders that both parties can provide, then it is indeed a sad situation.

It seems that Sproul is still undecided about his vote.

According to Brauer, Biden typically performs well under pressure, but tonight he appears to be uneasy. Brauer noticed that Biden’s voice is hoarse and he is speaking quickly, possibly rushing to get his points across. Additionally, Brauer observed that Biden is giving peculiar looks when Trump speaks.

According to Brauer, Trump demonstrates remarkable discipline in both his behavior and messaging during the debates. He listens intently, refrains from interrupting, and responds with confidence. Brauer notes that Trump’s debate performances defy the expectations of many pundits and stand in stark contrast to his past debates.

Watching a debate between two real presidents with actual track records in office was the most intriguing aspect, according to Brauer. He also noted that besides the unexpected moments, the debate was insightful.

If you want to read more about the topic, head over to The Washington Examiner by clicking the link above.

According to Brauer, the emphasis should not be on the past records but on the possibilities and plans for the future. He believes that elections are all about the future and voters are interested in knowing how their lives will improve under a president.

According to Brauer, Biden missed an opportunity to promote his achievements and outline his plans for a second term as the current incumbent. Instead, he spent excessive time fact-checking Trump, responding to his accusations, and using derogatory terms to describe him.

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