“Mark your Calendar for Free Fishing Day and Embrace Your Freedom on the Water”

Residents of Mississippi can fish without a license on any public water throughout the state on Thursday, July 4th, which is a “Free Fishing Day” according to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP). MDWFP encourages residents to utilize this opportunity to visit one of the 18 state lakes or 18 state park lakes and create long-lasting memories while fostering a passion for fishing and conservation. Free Fishing Days provide a wonderful chance for people to try fishing for the first time or for experienced anglers to introduce someone new to the sport. It is important to note that while a license is not required for sport fishing, permits to fish at a state-owned lake are still necessary. For further information on hunting or fishing in Mississippi, please visit the MDWFP website.

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Are you looking to make the most of your summer by celebrating freedom and enjoying the great outdoors? If so, mark your calendar for Free Fishing Day! This annual event allows individuals to fish without a license for a day, providing the perfect opportunity for those who have always wanted to try fishing to finally give it a shot. Free Fishing Day is a great way to spend time with family and friends, and to appreciate the beauty of nature. So, pack your gear and head to your nearest fishing spot on Free Fishing Day!

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